Meet Cathy

Cathy Hiltz Bookkeeping Services is a virtual bookkeeping company.  What does that mean?  It means all the bookkeeping is done from an offsite location ( from our offices). You will not be responsible for another salary, another office, another desk another computer.

We have a one-stop bookkeeping service.  Cathy has been a bookkeeper for over 20 yrs. and has a reputation for thoroughness and reliability.  She has helped small businesses stay in the blackand  has the knowledge needed to solve accounting issue.  Call today for a free consultation

Our Service is Simple

We care about your business and we use all our knowledge and resources to ensure that you are on a solid financial base. By using our services you are free to focus on building your business and arms you with the right financial data to make those decisions.

Straightforward Pricing Based on Your Business’ Expectations


• Under $20,000/yr
• 1-2 employees

$250 / per month

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• Up to $30,000/yr
• 3-5 employees

$350 / per month

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• Up to $50,000/yr
• 6-10 employees

$450 / per month

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The Biggest Mistake a Small Business can make is
to Think like a Small Business!